Game Review: Undertale

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Undertale. Oh, Undertale. A wonderful game with adorable pixel graphics and an incredible story line. Good job, Toby Fox. This was an amazing experience and a half.

In Undertale, you play as a human girl who has fallen into the Underground, a large secluded area underneath Earth’s surface, protected by a magical barrier. You have to battle monsters through a unique battle system, but also make friends along the way. Be careful, though; you can also choose to spare your opponents, and your choices will affect the rest of the game.

What I liked

Undertale is an amazing storytelling experience. The characters are likeable and display a relative good amount of character growth. The plot is riveting, but also filled with emotion and action. It’s can be a roller coaster ride, and that’s my favourite part of the game. There are no flat characters, and the story makes you feel something. I really liked seeing the game evolve and revolve all the different characters of the game.

The combat system is original, and actually quite difficult and complex. While you have the chance to murder someone, you also have the chance to spare someone from death, which I thought was pretty neat. Dodging attacks is a lot harder than you think, especially as you go deeper into the game.

What I didn’t like

I wasn’t a big fan of the pixel art. It does give the game its flair, but I found it distracting and a bit annoying to look at. I know a lot of friends who really like the art, though, so it really boils down to your personal preference.

Final verdict

If you have this game sitting in your Steam account, or debating whether or not to get it when it comes out for the Switch, please don’t make it into a complicated debate. Play it. I’d love to see how the story goes for you.

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