Current Projects

I’m Sorry: An Instagram Story


“I’m Sorry” is a series consisting of 4-5 Instagram photos describing a queer woman’s struggle to function and “fit in”while visiting home. The catch: she has to stay closeted. The text will be broken up into 4-5 chunks to fit along with the Instagram posts. Currently,  I have the text ready to go, but am finding a photographer to collaborate with since I’m terrible at shooting photos.

Chết vì Pháp: Poetry series


As an effort to bring Indochinese perspectives of WWI to light, I will be writing a series of poems talking about the Indochinese worker-soldiers that were part of France’s collective war effort. Before I can start, I need to do research.

Digital Archival of Asian-American Punk Culture: Ongoing reserach

I’m Dr. George Grinnell’s Research Assistant this year, and my focus is on how Asian-American Punk Culture worked in North America and how they were archived digitally. I’m still working on some research and have yet to decide how I want to publish the fruits of my labour.