I’m a terrible chicken mother

I have to admit, I really love social simulation games. I used to play Animal Crossing every morning and evening back in my second year of university. I used to play The Sims 3 during my spare time way back in high school. But times have changed, and the next great game to catch my attention is Stardew Valley. This adorable game has found its way into my heart and managed to stay there for a while.

Stardew Valley is visually, quite frankly, extremely adorable. The 8-bit art is very aesthetically pleasing and I love it so much. The music fits the game so well, and I really just want a copy of the CD so I can listen to it while I am studying.

I can spend hours and hours on Stardew Valley without realising it. That’s how addicting the game is. I love taking care of my crops, making bread to give to townspeople, and taking care of my animals. There are a few missions that you can finish in order to gain healthier and better relationships with people. I’ve clocked in so much time into this game, maybe a bit more than I like to admit. It’s a great way for me to de-stress from the day and to spend a weekend chilling at home.

What I really like about Stardew Valley is that it’s very gender neutral. It’s a game for everyone, regardless of one’s gender identity. I know a lot of men and women a like who love the game. You can have same-sex marriages with different characters, which I love. As a queer gamer, I do appreciate this feature which has been missing from a lot of life simulation games over the years.

The game can be difficult sometimes. It’s quite a slog in the beginning, but once you get a groove going, you will get the hang of it really quickly. I didn’t know how to take care of my chickens at one point. They would get lost amongst my crops or just hide and not want to come out. Very sneaky, those chickens. Maybe I’m just an awful farmer.

Like many games of the same genre, however, it gets repetitive. The routine becomes the same, and you’ll run out of missions or tasks to finish. It’s really hard to keep the interest of an audience if they eventually run out of things to do. I’m guilty of this: I haven’t touched Stardew Valley in a few months. I should go back and make sure my chickens aren’t dead or something.

Overall, Stardew Valley is a great, wholesome game that is amazingly fun, just keep in mind that the game can’t run on forever. I will give this game a solid 4.5/5.