Bookish Lenses: A look at the Dresden Files book series

What is not to love about a modern wizard who loves to throw fireballs and snarky comments around? Oh, and a talking skull that loves erotic romance novels? The Dresden Files series encompasses all of that and so much more. Think giant cats, an oddly decorated car, and Harry complaining about his bachelor life.

I was first introduced to the series by a friend of mine, and I am in love with Jim Butcher’s writing ever since. While I am only on the 9th book in the series, I am very invested in Harry’s future antics and adventures.

Jim Butcher has a knack for writing interesting and gripping plots. Each book has its own unique villain, internal conflicts, and mystery. Additionally, each book in the series contains its own twist, whether it be a larger conflict or a smaller one in Harry’s mind. A lot of chapters even end with cliff hangers. I can never leave off in the middle of a chapter or a middle of a battle; I have to see what happens in the end.

The Dresden Files series also features a lot of amazing characters. Every character is well-rounded, well-developed, and well-loved by me. Everyone is flawed. Even Harry, the main character and narrator, isn’t exempt from character arcs. He morphs and shapes himself as the series unravels itself, and I like how you also grow with him. You start to like him, his friends, and even his enemies.

One of the major gripes of the series is that every book has the same story structure, and becomes redundant after a while. Yes, the twists are interesting, but I think Butcher should experiment with the story line a little bit. Tell the story from a different perspective, or make Harry succumb to his urges and desires. The books are a bit predictable.

Another thing I don’t like about the series is how it objectifies a lot of characters, male or female. I know that the books were written with references to film noir style visuals, but it gets too much sometimes.

Overall, the series is fantastic. If you’re looking for a series that is light-hearted and super easy to get through, then the Dresden Files is for you. Bonus brownie points if you love sarcastic humour.