Rainbow Rowell: It’s time you and I had a talk

I tried to love Fangirl. I loved Eleanor and Park. I really did. Your writing was excellent, and I loved your characters. Poor Eleanor is relatable, and Park is amazingly crafted. But FangirlFangirl was definitely not your best work, and I know you can do better.

Your characters are great. While many of them are sometimes really annoying to read about, those are their flaws. They are well-rounded characters who are human. Cath is relatable: every first year has experienced a period of social awkwardness for a bit. Levi is a love-smitten young adult, and quite accurately so. Cath’s dad is funny, interesting, and quirky. But even good characters can’t make up for the glaring holes and inconsistencies of your book.

First, what professor is going to let a first year student that they barely know into their higher level class? From my understanding, Cath isn’t on a scholarship, nor is she a high school scholar. She’s just an average student, and this is highly unrealistic for a novel that is based on the present. I understand that you want to make your novel interesting, but this is a terrible plot hole.

Second, Cath can be an idiot. Sure, she is socially awkward, but I’m sure her social awkward-ness won’t make her stupid enough to not know where the dining hall is. Nor would it make her stupid enough not to know to report Nick for plagiarism.

Speaking of Nick, what upper year student gets through university by plagiarising and not getting caught?

There is also a non-existent plot. You start out with Cath at university, but there is no climax. There is no conflict. There is no resolution. Heck, I’m confused on what this novel is about, besides about Cath and her life at university.

I’m so sorry to do this to you, Rainbow Rowell, but I’m rating your book a 2.5/5.